The Purpose of Life

Life, the ultimate frontier…

Why is it that we all constantly seek the purpose of life? It is exhausting! Instagram, Facebook, they are full of motivational quotes asking us to find our purpose – why is that? Did we loose it? What do we mean by purpose anyhow?

I am no exception...

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Life is supposed to be great.

How are you doing?

It is no accident you are here. Frankly, the odds that you were born at all are beyond staggering. You are a miracle.
Having won this grand prize, what are you doing with it?

If you were only given one life to live, a total of lets say 75 years, what would your plan be? Would you spend the vast majority of it doing something you do not enjoy? How much time are you willing to give up towards the things that do not fulfill you?

You know what the problem is? It's actually quite simple. We believe we are immortal until we find out we are not.

Time seems to be an endless resource - we never think about the fact that we have less of it each second and that we have no idea how much we have left. Today may be our last day on this Earth. We may have a week, a month, a few years. regardless, time will run out sooner or later and we all meet the same fate.

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