Dr. Christian Hahn

I believe life is a gift filled with unlimited opportunities.

My mission in life is to empower people so they can live their best life.

I do this by unlimiting their physical and mental health, as well as developing products and services to help you fearlessly explore your World.

I have lecture internationally on Biological and Cosmetic Dentistry offer a Detox Program to help you take back control of your health, and have been featured on TLC (The Learning Channel) as a smile makeover expert. 

I am also a Lifestyle Entrepreneur who creates products and builds businesses around them - see Frogglez below.

To simplify the process of regaining your health I founded BioHealth Design, the process of detoxing your mind, body and home so that you can live the life you desire.

My book, Unbox Yourself, is your key to escaping the rat race and taking back control of your life. It is the first step in your freedom/health journey - clarity of mind. 

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