Dr. Christian W. Hahn

I am a Biologic Cosmetic Dentist, aka The Detox Dentist, and believe life is a gift filled with unlimited opportunities.

My mission in life is to free people from the box society likes to put us in, so they can live their best life - to help them get the Freedom of Time, Money, Location and Health. This is why I am known as the Freedom Coach.

As the Detox Dentist I help patients gain optimal health by detoxing their mouth and body using Biological, whole body health dentistry.

My book, Unbox Yourself, gives you the blueprint to figuring out what you should be doing with your life and how to escape the rat race. My path involved building an online business, Frogglez, which represents my values and goals - to Fearlessly Explore this World, and give me the financial freedom I desired.

Visit my practice in Bozeman, Montana to start your health journey and Read My Book to start your Unboxing/Freedom journey.

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Dr. Chris

Dr. Hahn Bio

Dr. Hahn is a German native who moved to California in the mid 80s. In 1998 he graduated magna cum laude from the University of Southern California School of Dentistry (the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry), earning his Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS) degree. He is a member of the prestigious dental honor society Omicron Kappa Upsilon and was invited to be one of the first students to take the advanced dental implant continuum at USC.

In 2000 Dr. Hahn founded the Southern California Center for Cosmetic Dentistry and built one of the most successful and respected dental practices in the State. His cosmetic dentistry was featured in many peer reviewed journals, Quintessence of Dental Technology, as well as on The Learning Channel (TLC) where he performed an extreme smile makeover.  

In 2007 Dr. Hahn became one of the youngest AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) Accredited Cosmetic Dentists. To date there have only been 486 Accredited Cosmetic Dentists in the entire World. He went on to become a KOL (Key Opinion Leader) in the dental industry, speaking for Coltene, teaching thousands of dentists how to deliver beautiful, life enhancing cosmetic dentistry in their practices.

Cosmetic dentistry is his passion, but he felt that something was missing. This “something” turned out to be Biological Dentistry - connecting the entire body to your oral health and addressing the root cause of disease using biocompatible materials and procedures. Dr. Hahn founded his first natural dental products company, Dr. Hahn’s Naturals, in 2000, when his journey into Biological Dentistry began. Since then he has spoken to thousands of patients and doctors about the benefits of Biological Dentistry, eventually becoming a KOL for Zeramex, teaching the benefits and placement of Zirconia Implants and Biological Dentistry to Dentists. Dr. Hahn’s goal is to make the future of dentistry, Biological Dentistry, available to everyone, changing the current sick-care system in this World into a true health-care system.   

Dr. Hahn’s transition from Cosmetic Dentistry to Biological Cosmetic Dentistry led to his book Unbox Yourself, in which he tells the story of his journey towards becoming a true healer and pursuing his purpose.

Being a natural problem solver, Dr. Hahn founded the company Frogglez in 2013, solving the issue of painful swim goggles for his kids. Frogglez now is the industry leader in the comfortable swim goggles market. Dr. Hahn holds multiple patents and has his mind set on making some major changes in the dental industry…stay tuned. 

Most importantly, Dr. Hahn loves being a family man. After much research he moved his entire family to Bozeman, Montana. The natural beauty and small town feel of Bozeman reminds him of his childhood in Germany/Austria. 

Dr. Hahn spends much of his time outside with his family, hiking, skiing, dirt biking and just enjoying life for all it has to offer. He lives the biological lifestyle that he teaches, focusing on detoxing the body from the toxins in the air, water and food, effectively extending not only our lifespan, but dramatically improving the quality of our life.