BioHealth Design

The process of regaining optimal health by detoxing the mind, body and environment you live in so that you can feel your best.


The BioHealth Design Process

Step one is the right mindset. You need to know what you want and how to get it.

Step two is detoxification. Remove and repair the damage to your body from past and present toxin exposure.

Step three is to protect you and your family from future damage by creating an ironclad mindset, massive immune system and healthy, toxin free environment.

BioHealth Design - a clear path to optimal health and taking back control of your life!


Step 1


step 2


Step 3

Unbox Yourself Challenge

Develop the mindset required for change. Everything starts here

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The Elemental Detox 

Step by step process to detox from bad Air, Water and Earth (Food) 

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Safe Home Plan

Reducing EMF (radiation) at home is essential for your health


Read The Book

The story of my unboxing journey. Learn what I did to escape the rat race

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The Truth About Dentistry 

Don't fall for the drill, fill and bill practice. Read this to learn the truth

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