This is the health protocol that helped me drop pounds, clear away brain fog and feel like I am decades younger again.


What does it take to live your best, healthiest life?


Yes, it is that simple. No plan, program, diet, or guru can make a single difference in your life unless YOU make the decision to actually follow through.

The Elemental Detox Protocol is no different. 

I made the plan simple, easy to follow, and extremely effective. All you have to do is decide to put yourself and your health first and follow through.

Here are some the benefits of the Elemental Detox Protocol that I personally have experienced:

  • feel better
  • feel younger
  • more energy 
  • more vitality
  • less stress
  • weight loss 

Immune Boost

Your immune system keeps you alive. Learn how to supercharge it and become HTK (Harder To Kill).

Live longer, live stronger.

Feel Younger

The goal is to die young as late as possible! Start feeling like you did decades ago!

Climb those mountains!

Weight Loss

This detox helps your belly fat melt away without having to become an exercise addict.

Beach body here I come!

Sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Concerned about pandemics and staying healthy?

Want to live your best life without the restraints of poor health? 

This is MY personal health routine - this is what I do to stay healthy and live my best life.

The Elemental Detox Protocol that I developed will give you all the tools necessary to become harder to kill by just about any pathogen and give you the energy and vitality needed to live life to its fullest.

I have combined my knowledge and experience as a Biological Dentist and Hyper Wellness Expert with the research and findings of my fellow Wellness Experts around the World to bring you this life changing protocol. It took years of research and testing until I felt that the protocol was ready to be released. 

The Elemental Detox Protocol is simple and to the point - no crazy diets, no unrealistic exercise programs. Anybody can do this. All it takes is a commitment by you to actually do it.

  • Detox Your Body from Air, Water and Earth Toxins
  • Gain more Vitality, Energy and Strength
  • Lose Weight Without Crazy Exercise
  • Look and Feel Younger 

Learn how to stay fit and healthy without compromising your love for good food, becoming an exercise maniac or nutrition junky. 

Remember, you can do this!

"It took me years to develop this detox program which I personally use, and I am thrilled to be able to share it with all of you. I have never felt better in my entire life."

- Dr. Christian Hahn
Biological Dentist

My name Dr. Christian Hahn and I am your Health Coach!

I am about to turn 50 and never have felt better in my life. 

Over the past 10 years I have gotten healthier, lost weight and improved my energy levels without using any specific exercise program or crazy diet. 

My stress levels have dropped significantly, and I see life through entirely different eyes.

You will learn more about my journey once you read my book, Unbox Yourself, the first step in my BioHealth Design program.

Today I am going share with you my path towards optimal health.

A path you can take no matter what stage of life you are in.

A simple path that does not overwhelm you, but gives you a clear, step by step direction.


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Get all the information necessary to transform your health and life, just like I did.