The Purpose of Life

purpose of life

Life, the ultimate frontier…

Why is it that we all constantly seek the purpose of life? It is exhausting! Instagram, Facebook, they are full of motivational quotes asking us to find our purpose – why is that? Did we loose it? What do we mean by purpose anyhow?

I am no exception – as a matter of fact until my 30s I had not even thought about purpose, I was too busy building a life, chasing the dream, growing the empire. Life just happened and I went along for the ride. The ups, the downs, it was like a roller-coaster. It literally took a pretty big negative experience for me to wake up and smell the purpose of life.

So what is the purpose of life? Why are we here? Why were we born? Why do we suffer or excel? What are the dang rules? Just tell me so I can follow them and live a successful life! Many individuals much smarter and spiritual than me have asked these questions, written books and create a life around helping us answer these questions. After years of reading, studying, exploring, meditating, and doing everything I could to find the mysterious answer to this question I can come up only with one answer…I believe the purpose of life is to live it in the now.

Live life in the now…this means exactly what it says; focus on this moment in time and appreciate everything it has to offer. Our purpose is to experience this moment, then the next, and so forth in that exact order. Do not live in the past with regret or in the future with hope. Live in the now. You created everything about this moment (this will be discussed in another post in more detail) through the law of attraction, or as I like to call it, the law of vibration, so reap the experience you were seeking and move on. Don’t like what you are experiencing in the moment? Change it! How? Change the vibrations you are releasing (your thoughts, attitude, behavior) as you will receive the exact same vibrations back from the Universe. What you currently are experiencing simply is the result of what you had manifested from the past. It IS the past. You have no control of the now as it is the end result of what you already did. Soak it up, learn from it and change your future. The good news is every decision you make now will create your future.

So, you worked hard, consciously or sub consciously, to create the moment and the experience you are currently living. Your purpose is to experience what you have created, your now, and continue to manifest your life thought by thought by thought. Once you see how this works you will realize that every person has created their life through their thoughts, even if they don’t know it. It is important to point out that every experience is a good experience. Without a down there could not be an up. Without poor their could not be rich. Without bad there could not be good. We often subconsciously choose to experience the opposite of what we really want so that we can recognize its opposite. For example, if you were born into royalty and never knew what money was because it was like water to you, you would not appreciate the things money can do for you. The Buddha went through this transition (read his history….). So being poor gives you the ability to recognize the creature comforts money can provide and gives us a much better appreciation thereof. I actually am of the opinion that we choose the earthly incarnation to experience the bliss that can only be felt by having learned what the opposite is! The perfection of God, source, can not be understood until we experienced the opposite…

Go out there, live each moment with appreciation for what it brings, good or bad, that is our purpose. Then actively manifest your future, experiencing whatever path you desire in this incarnation. We alone are responsible for where we are in life, what we achieve, what we experience, and how close to God we get by the time we leave this plane of existence.


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